Champion Communications - The pioneers of telephone-based e-commerce
Champion Communications offers unmatched reliability. Our technical highlights include state-of-the-art voice and data platforms, which are continually updated with the latest technology. Our network is completely redundant and engineered to provide uninterrupted service. Our software has always been written in-house, freeing us from the limitations of commercial applications. Our technical headquarters was built to withstand the harshest conditions.
System Security:
Champion Communications equipment is located in their building purchased from Global Crossing that was originally built as their carriers POP (Point of Presence) in West Palm Beach, Florida. The building was built to the highest telecom standards to withstand the harshest of circumstances. Features includes redundant Sonet Ring telecom access, full generator power back up for the whole building, no windows, engineered drainage in case of area flooding, etc. This is more than just a theory since our system has operated over 99.9% of the time in the last decade.
Champion enjoys National Account status and has strong relationships with multiple carriers.
System Capabilities
Champion Communications system can handle over 10 million calls daily. Champion’s basic philosophy is that if the call volume exceeds 50% of capacity for over three hours or 75% of capacity for more than one hour, more equipment is added. Champion’s "software independence" allows us to custom tailor to fit the program. Champion is capable of deep multi-layered structures, data collection, interactive facsimile communications, voice capture, out-dialing, integrated IVR/internet application and home agent ACD networks.
In summation, Champion has never turned down any program because of technical inability.